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Our Motive: "The Perfect Fit"

We approach the best candidates “in” the market – not just those “on” the market

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Technology Driven

TEMS is a fast growing career platform for passive candidates who have an interest in changing jobs. We engage our members and match them with great employers like you

When You Grow… We Grow!

Everyone wants to build a successful career: To get promoted, to gain new responsibility and authority, to earn a higher salary….

Perfect Fit!

TEMS makes finding you right skilled employees easy. It cuts through the clutter and gets back to the basics of finding and hiring great people.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Why not connect with TEMS and avoid struggling looking for a right fit? Your hiring goals are also our hiring goals. We minimise the time you spend looking at CVs and doing interviews by sorting unsuitable applicants using mutually agreed criteria.

  •  A unique job specification for every campaign

  •  Three applicant profiles per-campaign and a report detailing any talented individuals not selected

  •  Three interviews per-campaign

  •  A guarantee that positions will be filled

To keep recruitment campaigns on track – and to make them completely visible – we provide simple to use, web-based software to all customers as the backbone of their new hiring process. We assign a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all hiring activity, spend at least one day each week on site and report on the results of our Research Team’s extensive coverage.

  • Applicant tracking and reporting software

  •  Dedicated Account Manager

  •  Research teams structured by technical specialism

  •  Branded advertising across all major internet job boards and trade publications

For growing organisations, recruitment processes tend to evolve organically until such a time as centralised control becomes either affordable or necessary. The result is resistance to change from hiring managers accustomed to complete autonomy and the cost of appointing an internal recruiter. By planning and implementing hiring processes on engagement without charging a fee, TEMS lay the foundations stone for seamless future hiring.

  •  A template for engaging, informative job specifications

  •  A clear set of steps for signoff, research, selection and interview

  •  An employer brand story and message that applicants cannot ignore

Where multiple recruitment agencies are already being used TEMS can maintain these relationships on behalf of your firm, widening our coverage to include preferred recruiters for specialist or non-standard vacancies.

  •  A single supplier and invoice no matter who introduces applicants

  •  A single point of contact who knows your business backwards

  •  Reassurance that vacancies will always be filled

  •  Long term supplier relationships maintained

“Added value” may be a cliché, but by keeping our fees identical to those of a recruitment agency this is exactly what Talent Point delivers. Rather than hundreds of companies we barely know, our time is invested in a small number of customers with whom we have extremely close, contractual relationships. The result is far greater resources with absolutely no increase in cost.

  •  A 15% fee when you hire a member of staff we have introduced

  •  A 15% margin when you hire a contractor we have introduced

Where technology is critical to growth, TEMS can deploy interviewing and research to report on what needs to change.  Typically we provide structured reports containing in-depth analysis of the following:

  •  Senior IT staff and structure

  •  Key IT goals linked to business goals

  •  Validity of current approach

  •  People requirements for growth

Your Growth is Our Success. Once investment has occurred we determine a department structure and hiring plan geared to realise specific growth targets. We consider what the market can support to produce the most efficient IT department possible.

  •  Targeted CTO or CIO Search

  •  Appraisal of technology and salary for all key IT positions

  •  Advice on technology selection and methodologies

  •  Design of multiple people structures based on business objectives

  •  Department implementation alongside CTO and department leaders

Plan Your Next Career Move with TEMS!

Whether you’re actively looking for your next professional job or simply considering your options, you’ll find TEMS is your perfect recruitment partner. Our massive range of employer relationships, means you will have access to the right job opportunities and know-how to help you make that all-important next career move. And when you’re successful, you’ll find we keep in touch with useful market news and opinion to ensure you’re up-to-date with future opportunities and how to remain competitive in the jobs market.

What TEMS Can Do For You


Features of our contracting service include but not limited to:

  • A proven recruitment service model
  • Personalised service; based on the way you wish to do business
  • Multiple sourcing channels to find the best available talent
  • Network of offices to draw on national IT talent solutions
  • Migration options to find and employ niche IT skill-sets from



We take responsibility for providing an end-to-end recruitment service that includes:

  • Taking a detailed brief
  • Creating a search and sourcing strategy
  • Effective candidate screening
  • Formal interviewing including technical and behavioural screening
  • Advising unsuccessful candidates
  • Presenting the best possible shortlist to you


Career Growth

Get assistance of following 12 certification to improve your career. IT is constantly changing as new technologies are implemented. Certifications are one way IT professionals can keep up with current trends in IT technology, build their IT resume and open new doors of opportunity.

Search Process

We use In-House Mapping and Head Hunting Methodologies as well as our in-depth inter and external resource data base, advertising campaign and referral from strong network of loyal candidates, to deliver yo the best talent; within you desire time frame and budget.

Payroll Management

  • Processing payroll on approved, gross pay schedules
  • Distributing employees’ payslips and P11 reports by email
  • Generating HMRC remittances
  • Preparing and submitting year-end payroll returns, including P14s, P60s and P35s
  • Preparing annual P11Ds (if required)

Umbrella Company

  • More take-home pay
  • PAYE and NI get paid to HMRC
  • Invoice your agency
  • Business hour support
  • Best of all – you can enjoy our simple fee structure. You only pay when you submit a timesheet – so no signup

About TEMS

About us
“TEMS Consulting is the specialist permanent and interim recruitment firm – recruiting “Perfect Fit”.
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