CANDIDATES Frequently Asked Questions:

How long after I submit my application will I hear from one of your skilled recruitment consultants?

If you have not had any response within 2 weeks your application was unsuccessful. We will however keep your CV on our database for 12 months to enable us to consider you again in future for any suitable positions. All applications are processed and reviewed according to our clients’ specifications and the best suited applicants are shortlisted and invited for an interview.

When can I expect feedback once I have been interviewed by a consultant?

Please note that we are also dependent on our clients’ time constraints and urgency to recruit as well as the turnaround time on verifications requested by our clients. We will endeavour to provide feedback at regular intervals.

When I am shortlisted and or invited to an interview with your consultant, which additional documents should I have readily available to speed up the recruitment process?

· Copy of your ID
· Copy of your driver’s license (if applicable)
· Copy of your Matric / Grade 12 certificate (if applicable)
· Copy of Degree / Diplomas / Certificates (if applicable)
· Latest pay slip ( 6 months if you are a commission only earner)
· Any Reference or Recommendation Letters from previous employers
· Retrenchment Letter / Documentation (if applicable)
· Recent ID / Passport / Photo of yourself

Why is it important for your consultant to conduct a face-to-face interview with me?

This process creates clarity and enables us to truly find candidates who are a close match to the role requirements in terms of their skill, their motivations and ability to fit in with the culture and values of the organisation. It also gives you the opportunity to meet your consultant and build a relationship.

What advice can you give me when submitting my CV?

Ensure that your CV is complete with your:

1. Name
2. Surname
3. Contact number
4. Email address
5. ID number
6. All qualifications
7. Memberships to any relevant organisations / associations
8. Chronological work history always starting with your most recent position.

· Also ensure that you have a reason for leaving with every company in your work history and that you have a detailed / comprehensive description of your actual daily duties with each.

· Please list your achievements and what value you added for each previous position held.

· Always include your current salary (cost to company and list all benefits) as well as your expected salary and benefits keeping in mind a realistic market related figure.

· A good cover letter introducing yourself and why we should consider marketing you to our clients should always accompany your CV.

Rather leave out your love for pets, your evening pottery classes and how you almost made Idols SA 5 years ago 🙂

What happens after my initial interview with you?

We type our interview discussion and your CV onto our Professional format, followed by verification checks as requested by our clients.

We proceed to do a reference checks with your approval. Thereafter we send your full profile to our Client, discuss and market you as a valuable talent, endeavor to get you in front of the client and manage the process until you are appointed. Thereafter we will stay in touch until such time when you are settled in.

We cannot guarantee you will make the short list or receive an offer. However, if you have the required skills, experience, job fit and qualification as per the clients requirements, We will endeavor to secure a face-to-face interview with our clients.

Remember – You are responsible to sell yourself and leave a good impression at the interview to better your chances of securing the position.

Do you charge me any fees to register with your agency?

In strict accordance with the TEMS Consulting code of Ethics and Best Practice we don’t charge candidates a fee. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have any sticky small print and clauses in our documentation holding you, as a job applicant, responsible for the placement fee should you decline an offer. You can therefore rest assured that we provide a professional service to you at no cost.

What would be the benefit of registering my CV and information with your agency?

· It’s Free
· Your CV will be reviewed by a qualified Consultant
· You stand a far better chance to be considered than applying directly to a company as we have an established Trust Relationship with our clients.
· With your permission we are able to market you to multiple companies / positions
· We will assist you in the interviewing process if you are successfully selected as we know what the client requirements are
· We have insight into the specifics of the position and the company
· We will do all the required checks as well as present a professional CV on your behalf at no cost
· We treat our candidates like gold – you won’t be just another CV

Can I refer a friend or any other job seekers as well?

Yes, we welcome new talent. Our main focus will always be to provide our clients with great talent as per their requirements and available positions. We would advise any potential job seeker to register via our website and apply for a specific position. If your application does not relate to a specific position (currently advertised) your CV will still be registered on our database but will only be considered once a suitable position becomes available.